Tracy is currently working on Volume 1 of the Songs of Hope and Humanity Project. These are songs written by Tracy or her late partner, TR Ritchie ( She is arranging them for performances with philanthropic organizations, community choirs and progressive church services. These arrangements will be for SATB, Soprano/Alto, Tenor/Bass and simple 2-part choirs. All carry a positive message about the power of human beings working together to create harmony.

 Donations to fund this project are gratefully accepted. Choir rehearsals will start upon the project’s completion, with a paid choral director and accompanist. There will be at least one public performance in Bellingham, after which recordings and sheet music of this project will be made available to community choirs throughout the United States and beyond. 

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Checks can be made out to “Tracy Spring” and sent to:

The Songs of Hope and Humanity Project
P.O. Box 4230
Bellingham, WA 98227

VOLUME 1 (in progress… here’s what’s completed so far!)


“Your Heart Is A Muscle (the Size of a Fist)” was composed by Tracy Spring in 2018, inspired by Sunil Yapa’s book of the same title ( and the memorable words of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Sheet music:  Your Heart Is A Muscle SATB

Sound file, all parts:  Your Heart Is A Muscle SATB


 Soprano     Alto      Tenor     Bass


Sheet music:  Your Heart Is A Muscle SAA

Sound file, all parts:  Your Heart Is A Muscle SAA


 Soprano     Alto 1      Alto 2


Sheet music:  Your Heart Is A Muscle TTBB

Sound file, all parts:  Your Heart Is A Muscle TTBB


 Tenor 1     Tenor 2     Baritone     Bass


Sheet music:  Your Heart Is A Muscle Simple 2-Part

Sound file, both parts:  Your Heart Is A Muscle Simple 2-Part sound file: Higher/Lower



Higher Voice     Lower Voice



“Walls Come Tumblin’ Down” was composed by Tracy Spring in 1996, inspired by the 25th year of the Northwest Folklife Festival in Seattle, Washington. Arranged for choir by Tim Fitzpatrick and Tracy Spring.

Sheet music: Walls Come Tumblin’ Down SATB and Soloist(s)

Sound file, all parts: Walls Come Tumblin’ Down SATB with Soloist(s): 


Soloist     Soprano      Alto      Tenor      Bass


Tracy is thrilled to collaborate on the “Songs of Hope and Humanity Project” with composer-pianist Karen FitzGerald. Karen’s solo piano compositions range from delicate and soothing to passionate and soul-stirring, evoking the beauty of nature, the subtle shades of human emotion and a longing for spiritual wholeness. Karen also brings to the project a lifetime of choral singing, arranging and directing, blessing numerous singer-songwriters and vocal groups with her unique piano style. For more about Karen’s work, please visit  


All rights reserved. International Copyright Secured. No part of this music may be reproduced in any form or by any electronic or mechanical means including information storage and retrieval systems without permission in writing from the publishers.


For permission in writing, please email with the requested number of copies. As your budget allows, please make a donation by paypal or check to the P.O.B. above.


Recordings and youtube videos of your choir’s performances are very much appreciated! Please email any links to:!



             In the queue…


Of This World (written by Christel, Spring and Carper)

 SSA sound file:  Of This World.mp3

 Porpoise Song

 Heaven (written by TR Ritchie)

 Quiet Hands (written by TR Ritchie)