Rich, compelling vocals and versatile guitar playing, writer of 4-minute novels, poetry and music all rolled into one. Her wide musical range is demonstrated by the women she’s been compared to…Sarah McLachlan, Tracy Chapman, kd lang, and Yo Yo Ma’s cello…


Easy links to samples of Tracy’s work

(all original)

plus one by T.R. Ritchie:

Masako’s Guitar:

Hunter and the Bear:

We Hang the Nets for Bristol Bay:

The Ballad of Molly Walsh:

Get Lucky With You:


The Weaver’s Loom:

Wild Horses (by TR Ritchie):

Palindrome (Looking Forward, Looking Back album):

Little Rock in the River

Trouble (Looking Forward, Looking Back album):

Long Time Gone (Looking Forward, Looking Back album)


 Four records and a guitar instruction book:


 And… a documentary produced by Tracy and Executive Producer and Peabody Award-winner Dennis Dougherty that could be a good fit for a festival film showing!

T.R. Ritchie: An American Songwriter