Right on schedule, after packing up and saying our goodbyes, Todd and the TAZ arrived outside “the gut” to transport us back to the Gustavus dock.


Once again, Colton shuttled us, and our gear out through the narrow channel.


We had a lovely cruise back to the Gustavus dock.


From the dock, we went to the airport and made fond farewells as the Rhetoricians left, or stayed on a bit for a wonderful music party at Lou Cacioppo’s Outpost Gallery.

Here’s their lovely faces… my Tribe… who share a passion for this beautiful, irreplaceable planet.

I left an old friend and a significant piece of my musical history behind. The sturdy Ibanez acoustic-electric cutaway dreadnaught guitar was my primary touring guitar for over 20 years. I brought on this trip, knowing that I would probably find a new home for it. With all of the enjoyment it saw that week at the Institute, passing from hands to hands around the campfire and lodge, its next incarnation became clear.

If you ever are blessed with a visit to the Institute, play a tune on it for me, ok? And if you let me know you’re going, I’ll send you off with a new set of strings!

I can easily envision a songwriting session at the Institute for musicians who want to create music to help educate and inspire other humans to heal the Earth. An activist friend recently said, addressing a neighborhood celebration in my Bellingham hometown, that “it’s the artists who keep their fingers on the pulse of cultural shifts and upheavals.” As artists, we are often given the privilege and responsibility of stage time. I know I want to make the most of mine, not in a preachy sort of way, but by using the power of music and the songwriting craft to encourage greater connection and understanding, in the service of our Mother, for present and future generations.

It was an honor to live and learn with these excellent teachers and students in such an incredible environmental education center.

Please visit InianIslandsInstitute.org for updates on their work.

I know I will support their work in any way I can.

Let’s make the Earth sing again!